Trevor AI Lite on iOS

The first mobile calendar that helps you get your tasks done.

Schedule everything you do

Trevor syncs with amazing apps, so you can schedule everything you do, in one intuitive interface. Import your tasks from iOS Reminders and Todoist, and schedule them in iCloud, Google or Outlook calendars.

Plan a meaningful day

Scheduling your tasks into your calendar gives the "When" to your "Whats". It's an easy way of keeping your todo lists empty and your goals within reach.

Learn more about yourself

Trevor's purpose is to help you grow. Even the little things we do each day have a big impact on our lives. With Trevor you can gain powerful insights on how you spend your most valuable resource - time.


Out of the box, for free

Sync Calendar Events

Sync with iCloud, Google, Outlook, and more

Sync your Tasks

Sync with iOS Reminders and Todoist, with more, coming soon

One Smart Inbox

All of your tasks from your favourite apps in one place

Schedule with Drag & Drop

Schedule any task right into your calendar with just a swipe

Natural Language

Trevor understands things like "Meeting tomorrow at 2pm"

Track Time & Progress

Complete tasks scheduled in your calendar to track both time and progress