Plan your day,
one task at a time,
or let Trevor do it for you.

Regain control, clarity and focus with Trevor AI - the daily planning assistant to schedule your tasks in your calendar.
Available on Web for mobile and desktop.
Trevor AI's planning interface, showing scheduling a task with drag & drop.
Ambitious professionals average an industry leading ~85% completion rate for tasks scheduled with Trevor AI, compared to just 40% for traditional to-do apps.
"Really loving Trevor. It's a daily habit for me now and my mind clutter had reduced significantly."
— Denis Cutura, Managing Director at Decocorp
"I wanted to reach out and just comment on how much I LOVE your "software." I have been looking for something that does exactly what yours done and it works amazingly. I love that I can create tasks and then either have "smart scheduling' or I can schedule them myself."
— Kristina Whitteker
“This app is great for helping me with prioritizing my day and scheduling my most important tasks on my calendar, so that I make sure they get done.”  — Anthony Gauna

#1 Organize Tasks

Organize it all in the Task Hub

Organize every task competing for your time in one integrated task hub, with Trevor's assistance.

  • Manage your tasks with an intuitive to-do list.
  • Integrate your favorite task managers, like Todoist.
  • Let Trevor's AI auto-assign a duration for each task, based on your personal scheduling model that adapts to you.

“In a world of complexity and overload, the path to peace of mind is through simplification and integration.”

Microsoft To Do supported. Google Tasks coming soon.

Screenshot of the Task Hub
Screenshot of scheduling a task in the calendar

#2 Schedule Tasks

Schedule your Tasks with ease

Every task requires time. Make a realistic daily plan and manage everything competing for your time in one place, while Trevor synchronizes everything in real-time.

  • Connect multiple calendar accounts for work & life (Google & Microsoft).
  • Schedule tasks with drag & drop and Trevor's scheduling suggestions.
  • Move, resize, reschedule and complete tasks, in your timeline.

“If you talk about it, it's a dream, if you envision it, it's possible, but if you schedule it, it's real.” – Tony Robbins

#3 Automate Task Scheduling

Plan with AI Suggestions tailored to you

Trevor's AI predicts the optimal time for each of your tasks, as Scheduling Suggestions in your timeline. Offload hundreds of scheduling decisions to your AI and retain ultimate control, with a simple click to accept and schedule.

  • Plan your day in seconds with personalized scheduling suggestions.
  • Filter suggestions for 1 day, 3 days or 1 week, or a specific task list.
  • Never forget a scheduled task with Rescheduling Suggestions for overdues.

“The most fundamental principle of the organized mind... is to shift the burden of organizing from our brains to the external world.” - Daniel J. Levitin

Screenshot of AI Scheduling Suggestions
Screenshot of Focus Mode for a scheduled task

#4 Focus on the current task

Manage your focus with Time-blocking

While time-blocking in itself helps to anchor your attention on the current task, Trevor takes things further with Focus Mode for any scheduled task.

  • Benefit from time-blocking by simply scheduling your tasks.
  • Improve focus with a timer and a note field in Focus Mode.
  • Get started on your task, as Trevor's AI breaks it into 5 actionable steps.

"The ability to focus on what is important and ignore the rest is the hallmark of the greatest achievers." - Dean Graziosi.

#5 Improve Planning Skills

Improve every day with your Trevor AI

Every day, Trevor AI will analyze your recent schedule and provide you with relevant tasks and actionable suggestions for improving your daily plan, tailored to you, via email.

  • Overview of daily agenda, highlighting overdue & recurring tasks
  • AI Coaching based on your recent schedule
  • Progress tracking

"The key is in not spending time, but in investing it." - Stephen R. Covey

Screenshot AI Planning Coaching

Harness the Real-World Benefits of Daily Planning

Illustration of a person manually scheduling a pile of task into his daily schedule with his hands.
Trevor AI is designed to give the most intuitive and effortless way to harness the benefits of daily planning.
  • Clarity

    Planning our days helps us to visualize everything competing for our time, in one place - our tasks, meetings and events, improving clarity and reducing stress.

  • Control

    Scheduling our tasks creates a realistic plan for action and allows us to easy track our progress, filling our days with purpose and control over our time.

  • Focus

    Time-blocking anchors our attention on a single task, reducing distractions and enabling us to dive into deep work.

Available on Web for mobile and desktop.
Free for personal use. Pro plans available.
Your data is Private and Secure.

Data Privacy & AI Transparency

Trevor AI pledges to never sell or share any of your private data to 3rd parties.
Trevor AI is based in Europe and hosted on Google’s and Amazon’s robust worldwide infrastructure.
We adhere to GDPR standards, ensuring your data is managed securely and yours to export or delete.
A private AI model is trained on your calendar data and used exclusively to enable Trevor's smart features.
Some additional features are powered by OpenAI, while payments are securely processed by Paddle.
Connection to our websites should always be encrypted with a valid SSL certificate.
Available on Web for mobile and desktop.
Free for personal use. Pro plans available.
Your data is Private and Secure.

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Available on Web for mobile and desktop.
Free for personal use. Pro plans available.
Your data is Private and Secure.

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