Microsoft To Do

Sync your tasks from Microsoft To Do and schedule them with Trevor AI

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Trevor AI integrates with Microsoft To do, allowing you to sync and schedule your tasks in realtime, with 2-way sync.

Your Tasks will be displayed in your Task Hub and sync both ways at all times. They will behave like any other Trevor AI task, making them effortless to schedule with a simple drag & drop or Trevor's AI suggestions and automations.

Supported features include:

  • Show Lists and To Dos (tasks) in the Task Hub
  • Create, edit and delete tasks
  • Complete and Un-complete tasks
  • Reorder tasks in a list, only within Trevor AI
  • Read the task’s due date
  • Complete recurring tasks

Not supported yet:

  • Moving tasks between lists
  • Subtasks
  • Update due date when changed via Trevor AI
  • Create recurring tasks via Trevor AI

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Available on Web for mobile and desktop.
Free for personal use. Pro plans available.
Your data is Private and Secure.

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