Empowering Freelancers with Task Planning

“Planning and tracking the time I work on each task and each project is superb for freelancing. Not only do I visually see all my pending tasks and available time, but I get to decide whether I want to fill in more work or more time for family, friends, hobbies and my side hustle.” - Lukas Müller, Freelance Product Designer
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Freelancers represent a significant segment of ambitious humans, striving for success while juggling multiple projects, clients, and deadlines. Their dedication and extra effort can often lead to common productivity pains, such as lack of focus, feeling overwhelmed, and procrastination. Trevor AI, a daily planning app with time-blocking functionality, is uniquely positioned to address these issues and help freelancers maximize their potential.

Lack of Focus

Freelancers frequently switch between tasks, clients, and projects, which can lead to a lack of focus and confusion. Trevor AI's time-blocking feature allows freelancers to define what to focus on in their timeframe by scheduling specific tasks. By visualizing their day in time blocks, freelancers can concentrate on one task at a time, minimizing distractions and entering a flow state of deep work.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Managing several projects and clients simultaneously can make freelancers feel overwhelmed, causing confusion and insecurity. Trevor AI’s ability to organize, prioritize, and schedule tasks helps freelancers see the full picture of everything they have to do. With a clear overview of their tasks, freelancers can regain control over their workload and tackle tasks more efficiently.

Feeling Unproductive

Freelancers often grapple with feelings of unproductiveness, which can lead to guilt. Trevor AI addresses this by allowing freelancers to create a plan and follow it through, ensuring that they stay on track with their tasks and goals. With a well-defined plan, freelancers can maintain momentum and productivity throughout their day.

Wasting Time

Freelancers can find themselves wasting time on non-essential tasks, leading to anxiety as deadlines approach. Trevor AI helps freelancers invest their time more wisely by filling available time slots with meaningful tasks. By scheduling tasks that align with their goals and priorities, freelancers can make the most of their day and avoid wasting precious time.


Juggling multiple projects and clients can tempt freelancers to multitask, which often results in confusion and a decrease in productivity. Trevor AI addresses this by encouraging users to focus on the current time block, which is a task scheduled at a specific time. This approach eliminates multitasking and enables freelancers to give their full attention to one task at a time.

Stress of Remembering

Freelancers face the stress of remembering various tasks, deadlines, and client expectations. Trevor AI alleviates this stress by providing a platform where users can write down their tasks and deadlines. With everything documented in one place, freelancers can free up mental space and focus on completing the tasks at hand.

Procrastinating or Feeling Stuck

Procrastination and feeling stuck are common issues for freelancers, especially when working from home or juggling multiple projects. Trevor AI solves this by helping users schedule a plan and follow it through. With a clear roadmap of tasks and deadlines, freelancers can maintain their drive and avoid the pitfalls of procrastination.


Trevor AI is uniquely positioned to address the productivity pains that freelancers face daily. By providing a platform for time-blocking, organizing, and prioritizing tasks, Trevor AI enables freelancers to regain control over their day, maximize productivity, and focus on achieving their goals. Through its innovative features and user-friendly interface, Trevor AI empowers freelancers to tackle their pain points head-on and make the most of their ambitious nature.

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