Google Calendar

Trevor AI integrates seamlessly with one or more Google Calendar accounts, allowing you to manage your events and to schedule your tasks into your preferred calendar.

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Sign in with Google to instantly connect your Google Calendar Account with Trevor AI.

You can always manage your connected calendar accounts or connect new ones via Account Settings after signing up. Connecting multiple calendar accounts may require a Pro plan.

You can manage your current calendar events via Trevor AI's interface. Trevor AI will not reschedule any of your existing events with your explicit request.

Irrelevant calendars from your account can be hidden from Trevor's UI to declutter your schedule and provide real-world availability for Trevor's scheduling algorithms.

Tasks scheduled with Trevor AI will be synced at all times with one of your selected calendars. You can select your Scheduling Calendar via Calendar Options from the main menu.

By default, a new "Trevor AI" calendar will be created for you. Make sure to enable it across your devices, so you can view your tasks and receive notifications wherever you are.

Available on Web for mobile and desktop.
Free for personal use. Pro plans available.
Your data is Private and Secure.

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