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The Short Story

Trevor Labs, ltd. is aiming to solve some of the fundamental challenges of time management, in modern-day life, with an artificially intelligent scheduling assistant. The company is based in Europe and was started with the support of the Founder Institute. Trevor Labs was founded in February 2016, by George Petrov, with its Technical Co-founder Dmitry Yudakov joining soon after. Ever since the co-founders have committed more than 44896 lines of code. The first problem Trevor AI solves is the disconnect between time and task management. With a unique drag & drop interface and some backend magic, was launched - a web app, available on mobile and desktop that integrates your task list with your Google calendar to help you schedule your tasks. Realistic planning just got a lot easier and scheduling your whole day takes seconds. After aggregating a good amount of data, Trevor Labs also launched a Messenger chat bot that automagically helps you find time for your tasks in a very natural way.

Special thanks to our early partners and advisors: Todor Kolev, Ivan Vasilev, Miro Z. and Daniella Ilieva, PhD.

What’s Next

At Trevor Labs, we believe that every modern “hero” deserves an AI productivity sidekick - an intelligent software that can recreate the way we naturally manage time in our heads and show us ways we can improve every day.

  • It can offload some of the redundant organizational processes, such as categorization & bundling of tasks,
  • automate rescheduling and scheduling conflicts,
  • reduce scheduling decision fatigue with smart suggestions,
  • propose schedule optimizations based on behavioral patters and success rates,
  • help us visualize and make sense of time analytics data collected over time, just to name a few.

To validate this hypothesis, the company is focusing on teaching Trevor AI to make sense of the aggregated data so far. Calendar data is incredibly sensitive and we take user privacy very seriously. That being said, Trevor can learn patterns that ultimately help make the user’s schedule more efficient and effective.


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